Juiste montage is essentieel voor de veiligheid van u en uw medeweggebruikers.


Tannus Tire | Installatie video

Voor consumenten en professionals, welke zelf handmatig gaan installeren.

Let op: een juiste wijzen van installeren is noodzakelijk om de veiligheid van u en uw medeweggebruikers te garanderen.




NOTE: We highly recommend you having your Tannus Tires installed by an authorized Tannus dealer.

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1. Select the correct pin size  

Use our Pin Sizing Chart to determine the correct pin for your rim. As a general rule, the pin size is +3.5mm wider than your rim's width.

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2. Pin insertion into tire

After choosing the correct pin size, insert the pins flat side up into the pin holes. Check the pin orientation carefully.

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Insert pins into tire as shown below.

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Gently stretch the tire for easier installation. Take caution not to overstretch the tire as this could damage tire and may influence performance. 

3. Mounting your Tannus tire

Once the pins are correctly inserted, mount the tire on the rim. Fixing one or two pins into rim will secure the tire and ease the mounting process. Mount the tire so that the pins are only showing on one side (figure A).

As seen in figure B stand the tool up with 70~80 degree and push down hard. If you feel and hear "Click" sound or vibration, the pin is inserted into rim correctly (figure C).

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If your rim is shallow remove the rim tape before mounting the tire so there is enough room for the new tire to fit properly. 

If your rim is deep you may want to keep the rim tape on. If by chance you have already removed you tape and you hear a "Tick, Tick" when you ride, it may be that there is too much room between the tire and the rim causing the tire to float. In this case, remove the tire, put a rim tape on the rim, and mount the tire again.

4. What to check after installing 

A. Make sure all pins are installed correctly. If any of the pins are showing repeat step 3. There should be no visible pins if the installation was done properly.

B. Check the tire balance. As seen in the figure below rotate the tire to ensure that the mid-line is straight and center. 

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5. How to care for your Tannus Tire

Dirt and stains can be removed with a wash or wipe down of the tire.  For best results use a tire cleaner. 

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6. Removing your Tannus tire


Download hier de installatie handleiding

Mocht u er niet uitkomen dan mag u altijd bellen.

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De installatie van een Tannus band is niet vergelijkbaar met de installatie van een traditionele fietsband.

Maar minstens zo veilig!


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Voor de installatie van de Tannus banden door professionele is er een opspan systeem bedacht genaamd de mounting tool om de Tannus banden eenvoudig op de velg te spannen.

Voor het vast zetten van de banden is er C-tool ontwikkeld welke ervoor zogt dat u snel en efficient de klips in de velg kan bevestigen zonder deze te beschadigen.

Trainingen voor het gebruik van deze apparaten zijn mogelijk!.


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